Idaho Fire safety

Well its hot in Idaho right now and everyone is enjoying the water sports and sunshine. Everybody but fire fighters!   Most home owners don’t have to worry too much about fire, but acreage owners have more things they should be concerned with.

1. Tall dry grasses and thunderstorms can create ferocious fires that move fast! But if you keep a defensible space around all of your out buildings and home, you will reduce the risk. Fire marshal’s recommend a minimum of 50 ft, but if you live in the foot hills above the treasure valley, or any where  you are a long ways from fire stations, or large water supply’s for fire suppression, 100 ft is a lot better, wildfires can leap 50-100 feet in a single bound, just like superman.  Also keep old underbrush trimmed away and removed. “clean and green” is the saying to keep in mind. Having green areas around your home is also a great idea. WE have a defensible area of 100 ft minimum around our place, and we have also set up a separate sprinkler system to turn on when we see thunderstorms approaching. That way we can get things around the home wet just in case. even if fire cannot reach your home, high winds can blow embers on too your roofs or decks. We also have incorporated non-flammable building materials like asphalt shingles, steel siding and evergreen trees that are always green. we keep the pine needles raked up too. Remember to consider alternative water supply’s for fire too.  If there is a big fire it could take out some close by power poles, no power and your well pump wont operate, so we also have an extra supply of water that a fire truck could tap into. Even things like swimming pools or hot tubs make great emergency water supplies. There are other things to consider, check with your local fire marshall, I have found that the local firemen are super helpful and have lots of good suggestions for your local area. So while you are enjoying the summer, don’t forget to be prepared for fire. no one wants to come home from a great fishing trip and find ashes anywhere but in the BBQ!.  Or contact a local like me and I can help guide you in the right direction for help. Stay cool, stay safe.

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