In idaho get your horse and your house ready for winter

Fall in Idaho is a great season. But like all seasons, people and horses must be prepared for that season to change, and winter is just around the corner from fall in Idaho.  not only will your horse need a winter coat and hay and shelter, but your house will need some preparations as well. Drain or blow out those sprinkler lines and hoses. Make sure the fire wood is in and or propane tanks are full. I like to make sure I have some spare fuel for any types of heaters that I own. Just in case of power  outage I Like to have some alternate heat source. I try do to keep flash lights and extra batteries around too. Homes need to be sealed and tight for winter. Things like weather stripping and caulking around doors and windows is inexpensive and cost effective. It saves on the utility bills and keeps your family safe and warm. Make sure any outside faucets are insulated or frost free type designed for cold weather. Nothing is a bigger disaster than frozen water pipes in bad weather . Your horses may need heaters for their water troughs too.  Many barns forget to install rain gutters, that can make for very sloppy stalls and paddocks.  If you and your equestrian friends are moving to Idaho, or the Eagle area, contact a native, someone like me to help you find a good place to hang your hat, and park your horse. 

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