Logistics for Idaho real estate

So you are ready to buy or sell a home in Idaho. That is great, but before you jump, it is a good idea to have a plan of execution. If you are a buyer, first and foremost GET PREQUALIFIED WITH A LOCAL LENDER! I capitalize this because of its importance. I recently began shopping with a young couple who took my advice and were pre-qualified before we started. In the first several hours we found a property they loved and it already had 2 offers on it but the seller hadn’t accepted either one yet! So we quickly got in the game produced a clean offer with our loan approval letter and soon had the property under contract and beat out the other buyers! Why? Because we were ready. We had proof of funds, a good letter showing a well qualified buyer, and the other buyers we were competing against did not have as much quality documentation as we did.  These same buyers also have an exit strategy for the property they are renting, they arranged this with the landlord prior to shopping for real Estate, that way they will give up their rental just a day or 2 after closing. This way they won’t be making a rent payment and a house payment at the same time. Plus they have a few days to move into their new home before having to vacate their current residence. Good plan!

  Sellers need to plan as well, will you as a seller be buying another replacement home? If not where will you go when you sell. Many a Seller has been surprised when their home sells fast and they are not sure what to do or where to go. Where will they put all of their furniture, if you have pets or livestock do you have a plan for where they will be housed during the move? Or how you are going to move them? Will you store your belongings for a while or move directly to other housing? Lots of planning needs to take place before you buy or sell.

The point is logistical planning should be an integral part of your real estate plans. You have heard the ad for UPS about logistics and  “what can brown do for you”?  Well, if you need help , call me and see what Pat can do for you. 

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