Check those lot lines!!!

When Buying a home or property on a small or large lot in Idaho, have you ever wondered, where are the actual property lines? Well, it pays to be sure where those lot lines are. Especially if it is an older property where fences have been replaced or moved, and structures have been added. 

  A good place to start is with the Title company. First, ask for the plat map and very IMPORTANT, ask for an Aerial photo with the lot lines enhanced in color. Many times this will reveal any discrepencies in the property lines. I have came across properties In Idaho where a garage or fence or outbuilding isnt actually on the property that is being sold and the owner doesn’t know it. Then what?  Then you have a problem if you are the new owner and are encroaching on some one else’s property. You may end up encroaching on a Public right of way or easement. Another way to protect yourself is to ask the Title company to find a copy of the survey map, and measure between the survey Pins, if those can not be found, then order a survey, and order an extended Title policy, that will insure the property lines. Usually the title company will request a survey that will have to be paid by either the Buyer or Seller of the property in order to issue that type of Policy. But it is usually better to spend a little up front to avoid a huge problem or lawsuit after the sale is complete. 

  Confused or worried? Call some one like me that is well versed in this type of transaction. Whether you are In Boise, Eagle or any other part of Idaho , Remember you are buying what is on the Deed, not necessarily what is inside of the fences. Happy home Buying!

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