Does my horse need an easment to live on my Idaho property?

Depends, are you in the city or the county? An easement, no but depending on whether you live within the city limits you may need to know the rules before you build your barn, only to find out the type of livestock you own isn’t permitted.

 For instance in the city of Boise, you must have at least one acre or  you must have horses or livestock on the property continually at all times or you can lose you right to keep livestock within the city limits. Eagle, Meridian, Star, Middleton and other cities in Idaho may have similar rules, so I would always check with the local municipalities before assuming you can have livestock just because there is a pasture on the property. Also there are limits as to how many head per acre each County will allow. So it pays to double check on the rules before purchasing property to make sure you can have horses or other livestock, and how many you can have per acre. If you are in a subdivision, you must check the CCR’s to make sure they allow for livestock. Even chickens have restrictions in some subdivisions. Sometimes only hens are allowed, no roosters due to the unending alarm clock that wont shut up!

  What about pigs, sheep,cattle and LLamas? check with the local authorities or CCR’s of the subdivision. You never know which ones are or are not allowed. Just because someone says the neighbor had one last year doesn’t mean they had them legally. If you need help, contact me, I can usually find out if your horse can stay or if you need to find a more equine friendly environment for your horse to live where you do.. 


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