Idaho vacation properties

Looking for Outdoor Idaho properties for recreation or a second home? Idaho has lots of fantastic recreation areas close to the treasure valley and Boise. 

I think shopping by county can be one of the most effective ways to sort and choose properties as each county tends to define the types of properties you may be looking for. 

However, buyers must be cautious when shopping for recreational properties, water quality, year round access and vague property boundaries can lead to some big mistakes and legal issues when finding properties in out lying counties. The parcels and maps and legal descriptions tend to be very old and sometimes poorly defined. 

It is important to locate a local Idaho born Broker, like myself to help you navigate the back roads of Idaho. I can help with the history and issues that can come up when looking for properties that are off the beaten path. Idaho vacation properties are very inexpensive compared to other states, so load up the outdoor gear and give me a call. Let’s locate your second home or Secluded get away that only Idaho can offer.


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